International Road Race Running – Interviews from the press conference

On October 15, a historic event will take place that will mark a milestone in the world of athletics: the first edition of the“International Road Race,” which will take place as part of the seventh edition of the JomaCorsa dei Castelli in Trieste. To talk about this extraordinary event, we had the privilege of interviewing three legends of Italian athletics-Michele Gamba, Stefano Mei and Francesco Panetta.

Stephen Mei: An International Stage

Stefano Mei, president of the Italian Athletics Federation, known for his feats in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters, is excited at the idea of seeing young talent and veterans competing on the same course. “The Castles Race has always had a special flavor, but with the addition of the ‘International Road Race,’ it becomes a true international stage. It is a great opportunity for athletes and the public to see something unique,” Mei said.

Francesco Panetta: Athletics and the Community.

Francesco Panetta, 3000-meter steeplechase champion, spoke about how running can be a vehicle for uniting communities. “The ‘International Road Race’ is not only a sports competition, but also an event that strengthens the sense of community and shows how unifying sports can be,” Panetta said.

Michele Gamba: The Importance of Tradition.

Michele Gamba, a resonant figure in the world of athletics, stressed the importance of keeping traditions alive and how the Castles Run is an event that celebrates just that. “The ‘International Road Race’ enriches this tradition, projecting it on a global scale. It is an exciting step forward for athletics and for the city of Trieste,” Gamba said.

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